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Half Term Workshop at AAU

February 25th to 27th 2013

College of Education
Addis Ababa University

RESPOND-HER half term workshop conducted in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia, beginning from February 25th up to February 27th 2013 at Addis Ababa University College of Education conference hall. The participants were RESPOND-HER project staff members from Vienna and Addis Ababa Universities.

The meeting evaluated the strengths and challenges of the first one and a half year project accomplishments and redesign activities that shall be accomplished on the rest of project life. The following issues were raised during the three days workshop like of:

  • Overview of employability study and findings
  • Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC): insights and significances of APPEAR
  • Overview and reflection on first year accomplishments
  • Baseline survey on the situation of students with disabilites (Yeshitla Mulat)


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Department of Education

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