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Regional workshops at Ethiopian Universities

About the workshops

On the 1st of November 2014 a total of five regional workshops was organized in cooperation with local supportive staff at universities all over the country (center, north, south, east). Their focus was to present and discuss the findings of the research activities on the situation of students with disabilities in higher education institutions.

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Workshop 1 in Adama (central region)

Participants from Adama and Addis Ababa





The workshop in Adama involved 37 participants from Addis Ababa University and Adama University. In this workshop questions of assessment were addresse by the participants.

Workshop 2 in Harar (eastern region)

Participants from Haromaya and Jigjiga University



In Harar the workshop involved 46 members from Haromaya University and the University of Jigjiga. Main topics of discussion were policy frameworks, strategies for implementation, creation of inclusive values and issues of education technology.

Workshop 3 in Hawassa (southern region)

Dr. Yirgashewa presenting the findings


This workshop took place in Hawassa with 38 participants from Hawassa University and Dilla University. In this workshop findings of the research study were discussed. Another topic raised in the discussion was the limitation on the scope of the study on persons with physical and sensory impairments. Participants stated, that students with invisible disabilities and mental health problems often had more problems and no access to support services, which existed for students with sensory impairments and motor disabilities.

Workshop 4 in Tigray (northern region)

The workshop for the north (Tigray) was organized in Mekelle and involved 35 participants from Axum University and Mekelle University.

Workshop 5 in Bahir Dar (Amhara region)

Participants from Bahirdar and Gondar University



Another workshop for the north (Amhara region) was held in Bahirdar with 36 people attending from the universities in Bahirdar and Gondar.


The workshops brought together students with disabilities, university teachers, student deans and members of the leading management of the universities. Thus people who were familiar with the problems of students with disabilities met teachers who were not aware of the problems and members of the decision making bodies at the respective universities. The workshops were important steps for further initiatives towards nationwide networking on the topic.

Handing over the motto to a delegate from Adama University
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