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For visually impaired persons, we offer transcripts of the short videoclips that were made in November 2011 at Addis Ababa University. The videos contain only visual information and are therefor not fully accessible:

Deaf students at the University of Addis Abeba

White screen with blue letters, showing the title of the film: "Deaf students at the University of Addis Abeba, Ethiopia - Nov 11".
Three female students sitting on the Campus of Addis Ababa University on a small wall. In the background you see the gardens of the campus and a fountain. The students are conversing, using sign language.

Female student in jeans and an animal-print-shirt sitting in a class room. Another student is sitting next to her and watches her, as she signs. Sometimes you can see the hands of the sign language interpreter on the screen: "My name is T-i-g-i-s-t." (Also shows her sign name) "I'm thirty years old. I'm studying Ehtiopian Sign Language and Deaf Culture."

The other female student, sitting on the right, starts to sign. She wears a bright rose shirt with black print on it: "My name is T-s-e-h-a-i. My sign name is like this." (shows it) "I became deaf when I was six years old. Now I am about 41 years old. I am a mother and have children. I am studying Ethiopian Sign Language and Deaf Culture. I am in graduating class. I will graduate this year."

White screen with blue text: The topics of their study programme

Tigist signs: "What is the origin of Ethiopian Sign Language? What does it look like in Ethiopia? How many people are using sign language here? There is also a focus on deaf education and a focus on education for other disabled people."

White screen with blue text: What does teaching in your class look like?

Interviewer (not visible on screen) asks: "Are your classes held in sign language?"
Tigist and Tsehai nod.
"Are there mostly deaf students sitting in your class?"
Tigist and Tsehai nod. Tsehai signs: "Yes."
"Only deaf students?"
Tsehai signs: "No, there are hearing students."
"But those hearing students, do they have to know sign language?"
Tsheai: "Yes, that is a must." Both students nod and smile.
"So, if you don't know sign language you won't be able to attend this course?"
Both shake their heads. "No."
"So, you don't need any sign language interpreters?"
"We need an assistant, because some teachers do not know sign language. Most teachers do not know sign language. So they must use sign language interpreters. The deaf students get their education through interpreters."

White scren with blue text: What would you like to become after graduation?

Tsehai: "In Ethiopia, there are a lot of people who have no awareness about deafness. They have no idea about deaf culture or about what deaf people can do. So I want to undertake the responsibility to raise awareness for their difficulties. Then, I would like to take steps to help the deaf people. I want to stand besides them and help them."

Tigist: "My first choice would be counselling."
Interviewer: "For children or adults or parents?"
"Parents would be my first choice, and deaf persons. But my first choice are the parents."

Tigist, Tsehai and their sign language interpreter are seen from the back. They walk around the campus.

White screen with blue text:
Thanks to Teodrew for establishing the contact, Tsehai and Tigist for sharing their experiences and thoughts, Meaza for offering her skills as sign language interpreter.
This film is part of the project RESPOND-HER (Responding to Poverty and Disability through Higher Education and Research)
The project is financed by (Logo of) Austrian Development Cooperation, (Logo of) appear
And jointly coordinated by (Logo of) Universität Wien, (Logo of) Addis Ababa University
Further information on the project: http://respond-her.univie.ac.at

Message from an Ethiopian deaf student

White screen with blue text: Message from an Ethiopian deaf student to deaf students in Austria

White screen with blue text: This is Tigist, a 30-year-old deaf student of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.
On the right side there is a picture of Tigist, a female student, smiling with an animal-print-shirt and a rucksack.

Tigist, sitting on a bench in the gardens of the main campus of Addis Ababa University, signing:
"Dear students, We ethiopian deaf students are very interested in getting in contact with you and share experiences about our own deaf culture, about deafness and many other things. So please, communicate with us!
We love you very much!
We have many things to share and to teach you! Thank you!"

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